Board of Directors


1st Vice President

Past President

Ed Soriano, LTG, US Army (Retired)
Chair/President, MPHA
  • Deployed Operations
  • International Programs
  • Training Solutions Division (TSD)
  • Technical Services Sector
  • Northrop Grumman Corporation
Terry Sullivan
1st Vice President, MPHA

Lou Mellini
Past Chair/President, MPHA
  • Vice President and General Manager
  • KILO 94.3 and KRXP 103.9

2nd Vice President

Executive Director

Secretary / Treasurer

Dr. Glen Scott
COL, US Army (Retired)
  • President, G Scott and Associates, LLC

Katie Lally
Executive Director

John Gladney
Secretary / Treasurer, MPHA

    Members at Large

    Tim Anthony
    Member at Large, MPHA
    • General Manager
    • Phil Long Ford Motor City
    Steve Ruhnke
    Member at Large, MPHA
    • Curator, Mountain Post Historical Center,
    • 4th Infntry Division and Fort Carson
    • Retired
    Bruce Gillooly
    Member at Large, MPHA
    • Vice President, Public Affairs
    • Security Service Federal Credit Union

    Committee Chairs

    Hal Alguire, COL US Army Ret
    Design/Build, MPHA
    Director of Public Work, Fort Carson, CO
    Denny Cripps, COL US Army Ret
    Capital Campaign, MPHA

    Fort Carson has and will continue to play a key role in the defense of our Nation. The sacrifices of so many who served at the Mountain Post, both military and civilian – should never be forgotten or taken for granted.

    ~General (Retired) Dennis Reimer

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